Maxxium – Courvoisier Creating new drinking experiences through multi-sensory adventures

The challenge:

As the global luxury market continues to grow there is huge demand for brands to deliver experiences beyond the expected. High net worth individuals seek more than status, they want to justify paying a premium, they want recognition for the discerning choices they make and they see themselves as global citizens who value luxury experiences.

Our challenge was to create a set of luxury gift packs for Courvoisier by developing a brand story to unfold across a three year period and entice and excite the world’s most exclusive retailers and the most well-travelled and affluent consumers

The essence:

The Golden Age of Paris – expressed one sense at a time

Our thinking:

Courvoisier’s brand platform is to own ‘The Golden Age of Paris’ – a time of great celebration in the city where the brand was born. We identified that today’s luxury consumer is looking to fulfil two key emotional needs: to ‘distinguish myself’ and to ‘enrich myself’. Our strategy was to take the consumer ‘deeper into the world of Courvoisier, one sense at a time’, creating an immersive brand experience which unravels over time. The Year One focus is aroma. We worked with a top perfumer to bring the Paris Golden Age to life in exquisite day and night-time aromas. We have created bespoke, beautifully crafted aromatic gifts to accompany the two high-end cognac expressions for exclusive sale through very premium retailers. We are currently developing the next phase of the brand experience strategy for 2016 and 2017.

Its Impact

Launched October 2015 the work has already generated substantial premium PR coverage


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