Creating a brand for higher personal performance

Brandhouse was appointed by Reflex Nutrition to reinvigorate and refresh its brand.

This involved speaking to a broad range of consumers based on their relative engagement in the category to understand motivations, experiences and perceptions within the category and of the brand. This process helped to uncover insights that would help to create an emotionally compelling and powerful brand story.

The brand challenge was to engage a hugely varied audience with different perspectives to cut through the clichéd world of body building and gyms. The common insight we discovered was around ‘focused euphoria’, articulated in a new brand story based around a goal of achieving higher personal performance.

This brand story was the platform used to inspire a new brand identity, resulting in an emotive logo marque, together with simplified navigation that could be applied across Reflex Nutrition’s wide range of products, and packaging formats in three core areas: strength and performance, high protein and vitality. The new design was launched in March 2017 and is now being rolled out online and in retail stores and health clubs across the UK, and 40 export markets.

Mark Rae, Managing Director at Brandhouse says:

“This has been an amazing and complex brand challenge in a dynamic category, that has been about much more than a brand re-design as we have gotten much closer to a diverse range of consumers, all of whom are focused on being the best they can be both mentally and physically. It was really important that the new identity emotionally resonate with this aspiration”.

Julian Wright, Marketing Director, Reflex Nutrition says:

“The challenge with the packaging and indeed our brand is to ensure accessibility and relevant tonality to a broad base of consumers.  This required understanding the commonly shared motivations, the information requirements from both the consumer and legal perspective as honouring the brand’s heritage and components of the packaging with which we are synonymous.  My greatest endorsement of Brandhouse’s work is to say that I have yet to find someone either internally or externally who doesn’t like it.  As an agency, they acknowledged that the category is an anomaly, and that was a strength”.

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