Aspria Group Building a brand new space to flourish

The challenge:

Find a way to present a chain of European health clubs as being seen as so much more than just gyms.

The essence:

Space to flourish

Our thinking:

We undertook research among members – the New European Elite – inhabitants of urban centres from Hanover to Milan. The clubs uniquely bring together gyms and health spas, social and business meeting spaces, and cultural events – all in single locations across a range of European cities.

We identified the core emotional need – ‘I want to flourish’, and developed a positioning to meet this need: “Aspria is an Urban Haven – a unique members club for culture, business, sport and wellbeing – ‘Space to flourish’. The brand identity challenges the conventions of the category, bringing this to life using imagery that is a long way from generic gym and spa images. And we developed a website that is so much more than just a website – it’s a micro social network, where members can interact with each other and be a real part of the club and its events.

Its Impact

Its impact: We delivered a new Brand Story, a brand identity that works across each touch point in each club, and a website that works as a micro social network.


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