Berry Bros & Rudd – The Glenrothes Extraordinary Cask Creating desire by bringing the rarefied language of Haute Couture to Scotch

The challenge:

Maximise awareness of the Glenrothes brand by launching a limited edition super premium whisky to high-end Russian, Asian and American consumers.

Our thinking:

The product is very rare – 25 casks only, distilled in 1968, 1969 and 1970, and our target would not be concerned by the £2-3,000 price tag. We identified a need to create a feeling of bridled desire and status. In Asia, the main driver of consumer choice is ‘face’ and certainty that their purchases will reflect well on them. In Russia they look for brand reputation, and in the US rarity and scarcity are the key value drivers. The brand was not to be showy, but should instead be about understated elegance – the ‘Haute Couture of Scotch’. We recommended that it should be packaged with ‘the best of the best’ in every way.

The Glenrothes bottle is based on a sampling bottle and is perceived as ‘the perfect shape. Our structural design developed this theme, keeping the inside of the bottle to the same perfect shape, but added facets and a heavy glass base, using the language of cut-glass from other luxury categories such as perfume. Everything about the presentation has a hand crafted feel; from the stopper, which is made out of wood from the barrels, to the hand engraved, individually numbered plaque on the label. Each bottle is hand signed by both the Master Distiller and the Malt Master. The outer packaging features a wooden plinth, putting the brand on a pedestal and giving it strong shelf presence, and the box is finished in beautiful fine leather, borrowing the language of luxury luggage.

Its Impact

The collection sold out ahead of schedule, and the range continues


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