Britvic – Monte Rosso Making a mark in the Zero Proof category with Italian elegance

The challenge:

WiseHead Productions – the innovation arm of Britvic – came to us with a name and outstanding new product for the adult premium soft drinks category. Our challenge was to create a sophisticated, stylish brand and packaging expression for this ‘zero-proof’ drink, leveraging Italian style to lure the discerning adult drinker who wants something more luxurious and complex.

Our thinking:

Drinkers don’t want to feel they are making a second-best choice, or to compromise when buying non-alcoholic drinks, so we created a world that reflects a confident, positive choice for an alternative that demonstrates connoisseurship and discerning taste.

True Italian style is not about coolness on the surface, it’s all about what radiates from deep within – an inner confidence that’s totally effortless. We wanted to avoid the clichés of Italian design pastiche and create something relevant for now.

The simple, bold and confident design amplifies the gorgeous red colour of the product, which exudes warmth and passion. The labels and colours do not overdress the elegant structure, letting its shape and the liquid shine through. The luxurious gold detail in the Monte Rosso identity brings authenticity and a touch of provenance that radiates flair.

‘Fashions fade, style is eternal’ – the result is a brand brimming with passion, indulgence and simple Italian panache that effortlessly sits alongside, and stands out from, Italian contemporaries.

Its Impact

Launched summer 2017


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