Campari | Koko Kanu Bringing to life the spirit of exotic adventure

The challenge:

To position Koko Kanu – the UK’s leading flavoured premium white rum – as the grown-up alternative to Malibu through a more sophisticated brand identity and packaging expression. We needed to capture the attention of discerning urbanite drinkers looking for a fun, light and refreshing drink, and increase shelf impact for retail launch.

The essence:

Free-spirited island allure

Our thinking:

Koko Kanu is an aged Jamaican rum blended with coconut flavour, and since its launch over a decade ago has become a firm favourite with bartenders and drinkers alike, who appreciate the round, full-bodied rum characteristics that come from having a 37.5% ABV. We drew inspiration from the golden era of travel and the first jet-setters of the 1950s who were seduced by the untamed beauty and seductive vibes of tropical paradises such as Jamaica.

The striking new label encapsulates a new logotype, imagery of tropical island life in a distinctive and impactful ‘K’ motif, and detail of the product, which uses 1950s travel iconography. The relaxed, sunny aesthetic is placed on a new bold, clear squared glass bottle and gives consumers a sip of the same alluring island fantasies as those early travellers. With the Pina Colada’s reputation as a hidden pleasure, Koko Kanu is expected to appeal in both the on and off-trade as consumers look for an easy drink to make at home.

Its Impact

The new packaging and identity, rolling out between July and October 2016, is making an impression in the on-trade and has also played a key role in securing listings with Sainsbury’s and Ocado.


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