Cancer Research Standing up to cancer with a million pound ‘Wow!’

The challenge:

Raise more money in a single night than ever before – £1 million, by creating a look and feel to ‘wow’ guests at a star-studded event.

The essence:

Giving hope

Our thinking:

Established in 2008, the Stand Up To Cancer telethon has become one of the world’s biggest fundraising drives for cancer research, raising a staggering $180million. In launching it into the UK market for the first time, the Gala event was to ‘Bring science to life’ in unique, stylish and remarkable ways – a fascinatingly seamless blend of glamour, luxury and science that liked the themes of stand up and science. Cutting edge 4D technology immersed guests in a multi-sensory, interactive completely captivating environment. Our aim was to give the audience a double ‘wow’ – a ‘wow this is a great event’ and a ‘wow I didn’t know science was making this progress.’

Our collateral design united science and glamour with stunningly colourful imagery by featuring cocktails photographed from above to look like Petri dishes. To ensure these appeared both scientific and delicious they were created by a mixologist. The invitations were sent out in actual Petri dishes. A laboratory-style bar carried the theme through. We printed the auction lots so small in Petri dishes that they could only be read through microscopes. Everything was realised within a tight production budget.

Its Impact

We delivered an identity for the Gala and a range of collateral within a very short timeframe.


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