The challenge:

Reinvigorate the leading kids fruit drink by finding a way for it to re-establish itself as being cool.

The essence:

A naturally refreshing world of adventure

Our thinking:

Most kids’ brands speak to the purchaser, Mum, and then to the end consumer, the child, and Fruit Shoot was no different. To regain the emotional high ground with end users we looked deeply into their world, through co-creation workshops, and identified an opportunity to hit an emotional sweet spot with them. There is very little in their lives that they control. Almost every decision is made for them. Where they do have control they like to personalise things. Just looking at the rows of school bags on their pegs in the classroom we noticed all the rucksacks had key rings, plaited plastic string and knick-knacks dangling from them. Giving them a brand they felt they could control would make it cool again.

Our design system featured busy, computer game-like graphics that gave the kids lots to take in. This challenged the conventions of the marketplace where simplicity was the category norm. Each flavour was very different from the others and played to their desire to discover and make up stories. In the lunch box the bottle looked like it was their own personal pack. On a supermarket shelf however, the system allowed the elements to be reduced to maximize stand out and let Mum find the nutritional (and wholesome) information she needed. The outer wrap reduced this further to let cash and carry customers find ‘Britain’s number one soft drink’ very quickly.

Its Impact

The brand’s rate of sale increased by 108%, leading to a 2.5% increase in sales value (worth £2.1m) within 12 weeks of launch.


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