Asahi – Grolsch Radler Putting the zest into Grolsch Radler

The challenge:

To redesign Grolsch’s Radler range to work with the overall masterbrand design system, and strike the right balance between the refreshing appeal of CSDs, and the craftsmanship and mastery at the heart of Grolsch’s brewing credentials.

The essence:

When craftsmanship meets refreshment

Our thinking:

Grolsch entered the rapidly growing Radler market in 2014 with 2% and 0% versions and plans for further extensions, but faced stiff competition. The extensive range of beers brewed with real juice includes a variety of flavours from the classic lemon, through Iced Tea and the more exotic, Pineapple & Grapefruit.

An extensive category audit revealed a cookie-cutter approach to competitor Radler offerings, so we set out to create a surprisingly bold meeting of opposites, where beer and natural refreshment combine, and watered-down compromise is not on the agenda.

The iconic Grolsch swingtop logo sits at the heart of the visual identity, paired with a classic sans serif Radler logotype and variant descriptor, offset by a hint of gilt-edged silver. This deliberate shift from the previous script typeface sets it apart from the category and prevents it competing with the famous Grolsch logotype.

The crafted key-line background from the core Premium Pilsner design has been transformed into radiating sun rays set upon vibrant, flavour-led background colours, evoking the early evenings spent outdoors with this most summery of drinks. Finally, bold, hyper-real ingredient imagery features in all executions to hero the taste and variety in the range.

Combined with the iconic green Grolsch bottle, these assets come to life in a way that is both highly distinctive and varied. In packaging, the ingredients burst with flavour toward the drinker, in a tessolating design that creates a wall of taste on shelf. While in POS, BTL and ATL applications, new compositions reveal bright ideas that evoke the feeling of long summer nights.

Its Impact

Launched Summer 2017


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