SAB Miller – Grolsch Bierbrouwrij Re-crafting a national icon

The challenge:

To provide Grolsch with a more comprehensive, instantly recognisable design system which will convince infrequent Grolsch buyers across Holland to buy more often, whilst also confirming Grolsch as a good choice for the brand’s many loyalists.

The essence:

Craftsmanship is mastery. Putting the swing top back at the heart of the brand.

Our thinking:

Grolsch does things its own way. Throughout its history, there is an evident commitment to innovation and a large number of ‘firsts’. The brand has been defined through many moments of conviction to what was known and deemed to be best, despite competitor pressure to move one way or the other. Three traits define Grolsch’s character of  ‘Vakmanschap is meesterschap’ – ‘craftsmanship is mastery’:

Headstrong Persistence: The swingtop has been part of Grolsch heritage since 1897 despite other breweries moving into other cheaper closures, and over time has become a symbol of the brand. We harnessed this to create a new headstrong icon that builds on it’s heritage and brings meaning to the logo, becoming a distinctive visual signature that runs though every visual manifestation of the brand. This holds the brand architecture together in a strong and instantly recognisable design system.

Mastery of Details: Each element beautifully crafted on every SKU to ensure the Craftsmanship story is felt right across the store.

A Touch of the Unusual: Something unexpected on every pack that enriches the experience, when discovered.


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