The challenge:

Better understand changing attitudes to weight management and reflect this in an updated brand positioning and a globally aligned identity that works across all packaging formats.

Our thinking:

We spoke to consumers in six key markets and found that whilst their tastes varied their weight management issues were very consistent, falling into two camps: Managers, who were good at keeping on top of their regime, and Strugglers, who found sticking to a routine difficult. Most consumers move between the two camps depending on their mood. We recommended that the brand adopt a Manager mentality moving from short-term dieting to long-term weight management and shift its emotional perspective – from being about ‘losing’ weight, to being about ‘gaining’ confidence and self-esteem. We developed a Brand Story about ‘Inner spirit, outer sparkle’.

Visually we needed to put the special back in Special K. The globally-recognised brand icon – the K, was subtly evolved to be more modern and was made to represent ‘confidence’ with the addition of a small shadow, making it appear to stand up and confidently lean forward. A background suggesting sparkling morning sunshine adds more colour to the brand to move it on from being overly white – changing the weight management game from the visual language of depletion, to the language of positive inspiration. We developed a global system for the brand identity to work across over 30 markets so that every country could be aligned and consistent, while allowing for new innovations to be easily introduced into the range.

Kellogg’s Special K is a trademark of Kellogg Company, used with permission.

Its Impact

Significant global sales growth
by shifting the emotional focus 
to enable new category launches


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