La Hechicera Hinting at danger to create a desirable new spirits brand

The challenge:

Create the next big thing in premium spirits, the first super premium rum brand from Colombia.

The essence:

Smouldering with natural intensity

Our thinking:

The only thing our client had was the brand name – La Hechicera, which means ‘The Sorceress’. Colombia is a country rich in evocative heritage and imagery. It would have been relatively easy to build a story for the brand from the authentic blending process or the bodega and its history. However in order to significantly differentiate the brand from the plethora of ‘authenticity brands’ we had to find an emotional space that was not already occupied.

From the biodiversity of the cloud forests of inland Colombia to the energy and rhythms of the cities, Colombia is a vibrant and pulsating country. The Colombian Caribbean is a heady collision of cultures, fused with a natural intensity that perfectly compliments the brand name. This is a seductive brand for people who like to feel that they enjoy all life has to offer. It is smoldering and alluring – with just a hint of danger.

Our brand identity features a very eclectic visual language. A Colombian illustrator illustrated the landscape scenery around the bottle. The label features colonial typography, branded with a large wax seal featuring a praying mantis. The website embellishes this story with layer upon layer of unusual and intriguing ephemera, enhanced by a very simple User Experience. In a category dominated by big global brands, the whole identity stands apart, a visual feast, alluding to an intriguing and potent world.

Its Impact

In December 2013, GQ Magazine UK included LA HECHICERA in its list 100 Best things in the World Right Now with other important brands like Ducati and the Soho House Hotels. The brand continues to grow from strength to strength.


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