Maxxium España – Larios Rediscovering a Spanish leader's mojo

The challenge:

To bring to life a new brand story through design for both Larios Dry Gin and Larios 12 Premium Gin by evolving the brand’s heritage and defining the ‘House of Larios’ to be synonymous with Mediterranean Gin. The brand stories needed to reflect the fresh Mediterranean feel and taste of two different products.

The task was also to ensure the brand appealed to a more sophisticated young, professional market who are seen out in some of Spain’s coolest bars and clubs.

The essence:

The myriad facets of the Mediterranean spirit

Our thinking:

The idea for Larios Dry Gin, considered to be a lighter day-time drink, reflects the warm summer breeze, clear skies and freshness of sunlight shining through lemon groves within a Mediterranean backdrop. With a clear bottle and bright yellow and orange colours exploding from the logo, the look and feel is in stark contrast to the more premium Larios 12. The branding takes you on a journey of discovery through the detail, and is in keeping with Spanish cobalt skies, melting into the indigo sea on a warm summer night. Distilled from 12 botanicals and with strong citrus notes, the orange cap and elegant ‘12’ branding, stands out beautifully on a backlit bar.

The new brand design demonstrates ‘The House of Larios’ through a true and authentic Mediterranean lens

Its Impact

Launched June 2015


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