Molton Brown Putting the glamour and inspiration back into fragrance products

The Challenge:

Make Molton Brown stand apart from other premium competitors by refreshing the brand, adding relevance, beauty and emotion to different ranges targeted at distinct customer segments, while also reducing the overall cost of goods.

Our Thinking:

The Molton Brand Traveller range of products are a strong solution to the problems of taking liquids through airport security. Rather than simply offer these as smaller sizes of regular products, we recommended bringing some glamour back to air travel and positioning the products as a vital part of people’s travel accessory kit, giving them the feeling that they can have a little bit of luxury wherever they are. To this end, and to help the brand stand out in a crowded impulse purchase environment, the graphics feature serene but bold X-Rays of stylish accessories that position each range, from Men’s to Women’s to Relaxed Traveller for holiday passengers.

The Home Fragrances range was looking tired and wasteful, conforming to the usual category norms of simple logos on plain backgrounds that did very little to differentiate or make the brand feel luxurious or unique. Yet Home Fragrances are a multi-sensory experience and the packaging should be as much a part of this as the product. Our thinking was to bring to life the feelings inspired by each of the different exotic fragrances with a richly layered packaging journey, from laser-cut outer sleeves to beautifully illustrated boxes that built anticipation into the experience whilst also reducing cost and wastage.

Its Impact

After the first year, sales of the Traveller range had increased by 70% and Home Fragrances had grown by over 30%.


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