Moretons – Split Base London Dry Gin Using true character to overcome challenges that other gins avoid

The challenge:

As the global luxury market continues to grow there is huge demand for brands to deliver experiences beyond the expected. High net worth individuals seek more than status, they want to justify paying a premium, they want recognition for the discerning choices they make and they see themselves as global citizens who value luxury experiences.

Gin brands typically focus on an ingredient story around the botanicals. The quality and influence of the raw spirit is often ignored. Moretons is a new gin and a high quality spirit made with a split base of wheat and rye. Moretons believe it is this inner character that defines true quality, as does importance of doing things properly.

Our thinking:

Focus on the core elements of the spirit that gives Moretons an intriguingly complex depth flavor and create a brand story to reflect a robust inner character.

The bespoke bottle structure:

Specially designed to reflect the single label in triplicate through the liquid to create a strong ‘M’, a beacon for the brand on the back-bar, and cleverly builds on the split based property of the gin. The copper M is only seen in full when viewed front on, and disappears when viewed at an angle or when empty, creating an interactive and engaging premium bottle to cut through the mass of gin brands competing for market share.

Its Impact

We delivered a Brand story, a brand identity, a complex and unique packaging structure and truly integrated graphics. Launched in London restaurants in January 2016


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