Olives Et Al Discovering and telling a new Brand Story for a pioneer

The challenge:

Help Britain’s first and largest importer of olives and other delicacies move on to the next level of growth by finding a compelling Brand Story, and execute this to unite the whole diverse range of products and sub-brands.

Our thinking:

There are a lot of small, premium food brands that feature the personality of the original founder, or convey an image of home-made quirkiness. The emotional landscape of the category is about attentiveness to detail and anticipation. We know what to expect because everyone is doing the same things.

Behind the Olives Et Al brand is the story of a journey to discover the best flavours cultures have to offer. Flavours speak a lot about cultures, their history and values – people discover cultures through food. We identified that this adventure to discover new cultures provided a rich emotional territory for the brand to own. Consumers could experience some of these feelings of adventure in discovering these products for themselves.

We developed a Brand Story around ‘Every taste tells its own story’ and brought this to life with a new identity system built around one large image. This image was constructed from photographs taken by the client on his various travels with different parts of the image being used on different products.

Using codes of travel and bringing the spirit of a range of warm climates to each and every label we created an identity that unified a vast array of products with one visual journey, without resorting to an overly monolithic look.

Its Impact

We delivered a new Brand Story, brand identity and brand guidelines in short timeframes. The brand continues to grow and strengthen.


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