Robinsons Monsters Firing kid's imaginations to reignite their interest in a category

The challenge:

To develop a new range of flavours for Robinsons squash, aimed specifically at kids, in a playful, imaginative way, focusing on the product story while staying true to the brand’s heritage where magical moments between parents and their children reign supreme.

The essence:

Bringing new flavours to life

Our thinking:

The category was in need of a shake-up to encourage kids’ active engagement.

At the same time the brand needed to ensure it had permissible drink appeal for Mum as the gatekeeper, so our focus was ensuring the wholesome fruit message came through with impact.

To deliver this, we created flavour specific ‘fruit monsters’ to provide a distinctive and lovable character for each flavour and a clear theme for the overall range. To create a distinct kids offer, we developed inspiring flavour names to add to the story; Apple Berry Blitzer, Tropical Twister and Toffee Apple Tangle.

To further engage internal and trade stakeholders and generate excitement about the monsters’ real fruit credentials, we created a short animated brand film.

Its Impact

The new and emotive character icons and pack graphics created huge brand stand out and really engaged with children. So much so, that when kids were encouraged to enter a colouring contest, the team received more entries than they ever had with previous competitions.

The range first appeared on shelf in early October 2014 with a soft launch in just one national outlet. In just 4 weeks, sales completely outstripped the projected targets – without any above-the-line support.


Brand Story


Brand Identity

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