The challenge:

Increase sales of squash by launching a completely new type of product for on-the-go consumption. Break into the shopper mission mindset, and create a new consumer behaviour.

Our thinking:

As our client had identified a new out-of-home opportunity to grow the squash category, our brief was to create a Robinsons sub-brand to capitalise on this with young adults. Our view was that these consumers have adopted new behaviours in a number of areas of their lives. From eating breakfast while commuting, to picking up a latte on the way into work, to reading books on a tablet device, they want everything to be convenient, light, and portable. They want their needs met instantly wherever they venture. And they would like to drink water more often, but think that as the day goes on, it lacks enjoyment.

Its Impact

Created a new £5.5m category in 9 months
(with 86% share)


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