Tango Unleashing real fruit tang

The challenge:

To ensure Tango remains as edgy and exciting as it has always been and making it relevant to young adults, whilst upholding the product’s wealth of heritage, strong brand personality and nostalgic legacy.

As Tango is an iconic brand understanding the key elements of its DNA had to be central to realising the Tango brand team’s vision.

Our thinking:

Tango needed to grow up a bit to make it stand out from the crowd so we had to reengage emotionally with the young adults of today and get inside their world to bring it bang up to date. We did this with a vision to unleash its real fruit tang unto the nation and promote Tango’s modern irreverence under the idea of the anatomy of tang

The new packaging showcases Tango in a new light, improving shelf impact and relevance in store as the most tangible expression of the brand.

Its Impact

Value share +16.5%
Volume share +24%


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